Price Action Auto Trader EA (PAAT-EA)

automated trading according to mathematical rules

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Key Benefits of the PAAT-EA

  • The System Decides Independently Where To Buy And Sell
    You no longer have to rack your brains or interpret charts with price patterns. The Price Action Auto Trader (PAAT) does the work for you and trades all trades automatically. The system enters and exits independently and determines the correct amount to trade.
  • Transparent, Mathematical Algorithm
    The trading mechanism is based on a mathematical system whose parameters you set according to your own needs and preferences. This algorithm is very transparent and thus you know exactly what the robot does and when.
  • Automated trading with little time expenditure
    The system acts like an autopilot. You only intervene in special situations or just won't start the robot if the market conditions seem to be inappropriate.

What Our Clients Have To Say About The PAAT-EA...

I became aware of the company through a friend. Currently I am using two EAs. I am very satisfied and have very competent contact persons, which was very important to me as an advanced beginner.

Stefan Uebelhoer

Dear Mr. Marc Potter! About your new EA: I can only express my enthusiasm and the highest praise! I have used in the last 6 years very many EAs. and burned and destroyed high sums, I will do everything to use your EA in the best possible way! Keep up the good work! With best regards!

Wolfgang Mehner

Setting up and using the EA is understandable even for beginners.

Birger Wiedenbach

Description & Functionality

See everything you need to know about the EA in this approximately 15-minutes video.

Is the automated trading system (PAAT-EA) suitable for you?

The trading system has a high return potential and must take high risks for it. The following points should help you decide whether the system is suitable for you.

Suitable for

  • Traders looking for an active trading system
  • Traders who are willing to take a high risk for a high return.
  • Traders who have a few minutes to manually intervene in special situations.

Not Suitable For

  • Traders for whom capital preservation or safety is paramount.
  • Traders who simply want to "run" a system without instruction and monitoring.
  • Traders who want to constantly intervene in a system.


Day Trading with automated trading systems are regardes as the highest risk category in trading and investing. Risk and potential profit are inevitable linked. Never the less we believe in our system and want you to participate with a thoroughful preparation in a demo account where you can test the system without real money.

If you are ready to go through this preparation you are very welcome and please register for a free trial.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Is the system suitable for me if I am working?

Yes, the system is designed for traders with little time, who can not sit at the computer all day.

But you should be able to intervene manually in special situations. If you cannot do this because of a business trip or a meeting, simply leave the trading system off that day and start it again the next day.

We recommend the installation on a trading server (VPS), where the automated trading system can run permanently. Also you will be able to access the system from every computer and even your tablet or smartphone. We are using this solution by ourselves and this costs about 12 EUR per month.

Can I just let the system run or do I need to manually intervene?

The system generally runs fully automatically. But as with an autopilot, turbulence can occur where the pilot must and should intervene.

You will get an intensively video course to get trained in the system and then you will know exactly when it makes sense to intervene and when not. These interventions are not time-consuming, but they are very effective.

It is this knowledge we impart that has a very high impact on the performance you can achieve. Simply running a system on autopilot does not work in our experience.