Installation, advantages & rent of a VPS server

Access to VPS Server via Remote Desktop Connection

A VPS server brings many advantages to its users. Especially while trading, I would not want to do without it anymore. What are the advantages, what is a VPS server and how to install a VPS server on your computer, you will learn in the following article.


What is a VPS server (Virtual Private Server)

There are several different servers for rent. Two of the most popular are the VPS server and the dedicated server. When you rent a dedicated server, you get an entire server that is not shared with others. This usually offers more security for the renter, but it also costs 10 times more than a VPS server. More technical information can be found here: Dedicated hosting service on wikipedia.

We use a VPS server. This is a server that you share with several people. This is the reason, why the price is much cheaper than the dedicated server. Especially for trading the server is perfect. More technical information can be found here: Virtual private server on wikipedia.

Advantages of a VPS server (Virtual Private Server)

Constant use of the computer (especially while trading) can lead to high electricity bills. Because of this, it is definitely worth using a VPS server, which can save a lot of energy.

In addition, you can open the VPS server on all different devices, such as Iphone, Android smartphones, Windows computers, Apple Mac or even on tablets and Ipads. So you can open a Windows software on Apple devices. This means that you can access e.g. a trading robot while trading anywhere and anytime. This is not possible with Meta Trader 4 Apps (MT4).

The third advantage of an VPS server is, that you can shut down your computer and do not have to worry, if you have got a good internet connection.

How to install a VPS Server (Virtual Private Server)

1. Sign up for a VPS server

Find a VPS server that suits you and register there. Here are some sites where you can rent a server:

We and our customer use the Contabo server, because it has a very good support, the best price and is the test winner in the most comparison sites.

If you choose a Contabo Server for trading, you can choose the smallest package and take the "Windows 2016 Server". It is cheaper and perfectly sufficient for trading.

2. After signing up, you receive your access data per mail 

Now you get all access data by mail (see picture above) and you can log in to your VPS server. 

3. Log in to your account 

To log in to your VPS server you have to do the following:

Then you connect your computer with the VPS Server. Please use here the IP-address you received per mail and then double-left-click on "CONNECT".

After connecting to the VPS Server IP-address, you see following window. Now you are in the VPS Server. Please click here with a double-left-click on local server.

Please double-left-click on the "ON" next to the IE Enhanced Security Configuration. Now turn it to "OFF" (see following picture).

If you do not turn "IE Enhanced Security Configuration" off, you cannot use the browser, because the Internet Explorer (Windows 2016 Version) is too old and thinks that every website (either Google) is a site with a malware.

Congratulation! Now you have installed and can use your VPS Server (Virtual Private Server).

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