Load predefined settings according to instrument and broker

Why might I need a set-file with predefined settings?

Every instrument is different and every broker has its own specifications for that. For example is the volatility in points in Dow Jones much higher than in S&P 500 index. Some brokers allow a minimum volume of 0.01 other brokers of 0.1. JPY currency pairs have only 2 decimals, other currency pairs normally have 5 decimals.

As you will learn in the Chapter "Settings and Parameters" we have to set the parameters according to the broker and instrument. Later you will be able to do it by yourself.

To get an easy start with the robot we have created predefined sets for every partner broker and instrument we are trading with the robot. You can download these below under "Ressources".

How to use the Set-file with the trading robot

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ActivTrades DAX "Ger40" Set file

ActivTrades EURCAD Set file (High Risk)

ActivTrades Russel 2000 "UsaRus" Set file

FXFlat DAX "De40mini" Set file

FXFlat EURCAD Set file (High Risk)

Markets.com DAX "Germany40" Demo Account Set file

Markets.com DAX "Germany40 mini" Live Account Set file

Markets.com EURCAD Set file (High Risk)

Markets.com Russel 2000 "USA2000" Set file

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