What unit of time do I need to apply to the PAAT for the EA to work properly?

The PAAT works for every time unit the same and without restrictions, because the algorithm buys / sells according to certain point intervals and does not look at certain time-related chart patterns -> Please note that the EA is reloaded by MetaTrader every time you change the time unit and is thus switched off by default. Because of this you should not change your chosen time unit all the time. If you want to look at different time units for chart analysis, please use a separate chart for that.

Is the PAAT test really permanently free of charge and without obligation?

We and many of our customers are very convinced of the trading robot. You should also be able to convince yourself of the trading robot in peace and without time pressure, which is why you can test the PAAT really without obligation and without time restrictions.

How much does the PAAT cost if you want to use it in live trading?

The PAAT is completely free of charge when used through our partner brokers, as the brokers finance the trading robot for our customers. If you decide to use the trading robot at an external broker in live trading, the EA will be charged to you. For the monthly use you will be charged 119,- € / per month.

How much turnover does the trading robot guarantee me?

How profitable you are with the trading robot depends on many different factors, such as the financial instrument you trade, your budget, etc.. Most importantly, it depends on the current volatility (fluctuation) in the market. This changes daily, so you can not make any general statements. To get a feeling, you can test the robot under real conditions with play money. Then you can see directly how different settings are reflected.

Why is the trading robot suddenly "off"?

MetaTrader restarts a trading robot completely when you change the time unit or change the parameters of the trading robot. If the EA is restarted, it is initially set to "off".

Therefore, please change the time unit only if you basically want to have another one. If you want to analyze the chart and change the time unit, it is best to use a separate chart.

The trading robot is still trading even though the trading "time to" setting has been reached?

That is correct. The EA tries to trade an open sequence "ready". If you have e.g. position 1, 2, 3 and 4 open, the EA will also buy position 5, 6 etc. to close in profit if possible. If these positions run into the TP or into the SL, the EA will not start a "new" sequence with position 1 etc. anymore.

What do I have to consider if I want to trade with multiple charts?

There are two things you need to keep in mind when trading with two parallel charts:

1. Please note that the EA is marked with different "Magic numbers" in the different charts, because these must always be unique. Otherwise the EA tries to trade on several charts at the same time and mixes the values of the charts together. More information about magic numbers can be found here.

2. Please note that if you set an EquityStop, this applies to all charts together. Here is an example:

EquityStop: 250 € | DAX: 250 € profit | DOWJONES: 250 € loss       

Even if 250 € profit have been achieved here, the EA switches off automatically, because the Equity has accepted a loss of 250 € and therefore the EquityStop has been reached. More information about the EquityStop can be found here.

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