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Why Us?

82% of investors are looking for tips to improve their investing process
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69% of traders would prefer to trade automated or semi automated
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99% of investors and traders place strong emphasis on information from industry experts
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What Our Clients Have To Say...

Experienced Mr. Potter as an extremely eloquent speaker during two presentations at the INVEST trade fair in Stuttgart (Germany). Exciting topics, understandable slides, combined with the charming way of presentation by Mr. Pötter - all a pleasure!

Bernd Kuchar

In search of a functioning trading algorithm, I became aware of the company. During the installation and configuration process, Mr. Potter stood by me with advice and support. They even took the time in a personal phone call to explain to me further setting options and tips & tricks of the EA. The algorithm works profitably and has a manually modifiable risk management.

Jannik Mies

Due to a technical problem with an indicator, I received uncomplicated and professional help in a super friendly manner. Alone I would not have managed and thank you very much for the great service and the solution that I have experienced with my problem. Thank you very much for that.

T. Gutting

5 reasons, why we are one of the leading service providers for traders and investors:

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Institutional Traders And Investors

We have many years of professional experience in private and securities trading banks and have certificates such as the elite investment qualification "CIIA - Certified International Investment Analyst", which is preferred by the leading private banks and capital accumulators.

Real Added Value

Trades, stock markets and brokers are not easy. We pass on our experience and knowledge to you so that you can invest and trade in the best possible way.

Numerous clients benefit from this added value!

Coaching with Marc Potter of
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We are not tied to any broker, coach, system developer or other provider, but can offer you the solutions that best fit YOU.
For very special requirements and wishes, we will also find the perfect solution for you, even if this is not yet listed on the website. Just get in touch with us.

Serious & Realistic

Real trading or investing requires foresight and continuity.

We help you to turn your wishes into realistic goals and into action, where other providers only awaken wishes.

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Same Interest

We have real money accounts for day trading and we got a real stock portfolio for long term investing.

So everything what we do and tell you has one goal: To make you a better trader and investor!

Get Free Tips Straight In Your Inbox: